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My daughter really enjoys her yoga and mindfulness classes. She was a bit nervous to begin with but the teacher was very understanding and went the extra mile to put her at ease. She now enjoys showing me the various yoga poses she has learnt, as well as the breathing exercises that can be helpful during moments of anxiety.

As a parent I really appreciate the teacher’s calm and relaxed approach as well as the feedback she
provides shortly after each session. I always feel that my daughter is in good hands and would highly recommend the teacher to any parent considering private yoga or mindfulness classes for their child.
(August 2020)

My daughter has enjoyed attending her mindfulness classes and learnt techniques to help guide her through her anxiety. She uses one technique most nights to help her switch off and fall asleep. Thanks so much for your help.
(February 2020)

My daughter finds mindfulness based meditation techniques have really helped her in a variety of situations including gentle breathing techniques to help her relax before a test and the techniques have aided her in switching off to enable better sleep.
(December 2019)

I loved doing the Mindfulness course! It was an amazing experience and I learnt a lot.There were lots off fun things to do: memory games, hugging your thumb, deep breathing. It helped me to be calm in the tricky situations. I try to concentrate on NOW and not to worry about the past or future! (Student 10 years old)

(November 2019)

I liked yoga because there were a lot of fun games and activities that involved different poses. I learnt a lot of poses and breathing exercises which help calm me down when I need them. The yoga has made me very flexible which I wasn't before. I made some friends in yoga and I will miss it a lot but I will keep practising it. (Student -11 years old)
(July 2019)

I really recommend Ready Steady Yoga 4 Kids as my daughter has learnt poses that she is able to practice at home as well as relaxation techniques. The teacher is so welcoming to both children and adults. The location is ideal for parking and with the added bonus of a coffee area means parents also get a chance to relax before the Mayhem of the rest of the day begins
(June 2019)

My 7 year old daughter has been attending the one to one mindfulness classes for over a year now. We have found a massive difference with her over the year in the way she approaches situations and copes well when things seem to be getting on top of her. We struggled for over a year with her sleeping in her own room and we did not know what else to try, but the teacher's approach with children and they way she teaches soon put an end to this nightly problem and my daughter now sleeps very well again. The way the classes are conducted are perfect for children and they really get to grips with it quickly. My daughter cannot wait to go every week. I cannot thank the teacher enough for all her help.

(May 2019)

My 10 year old daughter has found the mindfulness course very useful and learned relaxation techniques which she can apply every day. She looks forward to every single class and really enjoys it, so much so that she has also decided to return for regular refresher classes. The course has really helped my daughter cope with her feelings especially when she is feeling angry or stressed. It’s made a noticeably positive difference. I would recommend mindfulness for any child with anxiety or difficulty coping with their feelings, it does work.

(August 2018)

Thank you for coming into our school and doing a morning of Yoga sessions for Key Stage 1. It was a great experience for the children to have taster session and see what Yoga is all about! They loved doing the different poses and the breathing exercises at the end were ones we then practised in class. The sessions were pitched well for the age of the children and it was great to see the children trying something new. Thanks again, (Sports Relief Week at a Local Primary School).

(March 2018)

Thank you so much for your support ,she really enjoyed the yoga classes.. really helped her with her confidence xx
(March 2018)

My daughter is doing really well at the moment so we have decided to take a break from her Mindfulness lessons for a while. Thank you for all of your help over this past year, it has really helped my daughter when I just didn't know what else to do xx

(February 2018)

My daughter has been practicing yoga with Ready Steady Yoga for over a year now and has just completed her first course of Mindfulness, I must say, she has really enjoyed the course and practices at home with her brother and has actually told a lot of her friends in school - they now practice mindfulness in the playground at lunchtime! My daughter is more in tune with her feelings and able to express herself beyond her six years...A great course and a fantastic tutor! Thank you!
(March 2018)

My son has thoroughly enjoyed his yoga sessions. He was rather anxious and the classes have really eased him. He always looked forward to coming to the sessions. His school teacher commented that he was more confident too, which is great. The Yoga Teacher is lovely, and really puts the children and parents at ease with her calmness.

(February 2018)

All children and teachers enjoyed the sessions and found different aspects both useful and fun.All of my class said they felt calm and relaxed after the session. They were quite surprised at how some of the positions looked easier then they actually were. We had a great discussion about how it can focus your mind and also about all the tips and positions you shared about helping us cope if we feel a little anxious or worried. Thank you once again for coming in to work with us. (Local Primary School Teacher Years 5 & 6)
(December 2017)

The teacher is fantastic :kind, patient and thoughtful. My girls have benefitted enormously from both her yoga and Mindfulness classes. I thoroughly recommend the teacher for her dedication and professionalism. Children love being with her and are inspired to practise what they have learnt outside of lesson time.

(October 2017)

My son found the classes calming and relaxing. He has enjoyed the course and has started showing us what he has learnt at home and trying to teach us a few moves. Thank you . (After School Yoga Club)
(July 2017)

My daughter (aged 10) suffers with anxiety and struggles to deal with her emotions effectively (sadness, anger, disappointment). She started to see the teacher on a weekly basis to learn Mindfulness and it has helped her tremendously. It has given her the tools/techniques to use at home and school, and she can now manage her feelings more effectively. She now does yoga with a small session of Mindfulness too, to keep things fresh in her mind. The teacher immediately made my daughter feel at ease from the very first session and it has been lovely to see her confidence grow over time. She always looks forward to her sessions and comes away happy every time.Thank you!

(June 2017)

Both of my children attend weekly yoga classes with Ready Steady Yoga. They look forward to Saturday mornings and really enjoy the class. The yoga teacher is incredibly positive and kind; both my son and daughter like her very much. Whilst yoga might be considered quite an unusual activity for children, I am so happy that my son and daughter are getting so much out of it - exercise, mindfulness, confidence and contentment. All very important in today's whirlwind lifestyles.
(June 2017)

Following four weeks of mindfulness sessions our daughter is a changed person. She has gone from being a very angry and anxious young lady, back to the smiley girl we know she is. I cannot thank the teacher enough for this and will be continuing classes without a doubt for a while to come. Highly recommend the teacher.
(June 2017)

The sessions were great, the children and staff really enjoyed it. It was lovely for everyone to get involved including Nursery. I had lots of positive feedback from all staff. Thank you again, the sessions were great. (P.E Co-ordinator at local Primary School during Sports Week)
(May 2017)

My daughter attended Ready Steady Yoga classes & now has one to one yoga lessons. She really enjoys them and has benefited greatly from them. Can highly recommend.
(April 2017)

Highly recommend Ready Steady Yoga classes. My daughter absolutely loved them and the Group Leader is a fantastic, caring teacher and makes all children feel really welcome.
(April 2017)

My daughter has been transformed from an unhappy, almost depressive 10 year old into a very happy and outgoing little girl since using mindfulness. Many Thanks.
(March 2017)

My girls love the classes and they are especially helpful with teaching them calming and breathing techniques. Yoga has helped their flexibility and fitness in a non-competitive, safe and friendly environment. I would thoroughly recommend these classes.

(January 2017)

My son loves to go to Yoga classes. When it's Yoga day he gets ready in the morning with a very happy smile and excited. Sometimes he stays alone in his bedroom trying the exercises and relaxing.. I am very glad that we found an activity that my son loves and that has a very positive impact in his life!
(January 2017)

My daughter attended Ready Steady Yoga for 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed the classes, which encouraged her to relax and become more confident in herself. The teacher is wonderful with a very relaxing manner and my daughter adored her
(October 2016)

My 8 year old daughter has just completed a course of mindfulness classes and has really benefitted from the techniques she has learnt. After a tough year at a new school and various other emotional experiences my daughter was feeling quite anxious and, sometimes, unable to control her emotions. With the kind reassurance and guidance of the teacher she was able to embrace the mindfulness classes and has be rewarded with a new calmness and confidence.The teacher liaises so well with both parents and children we are all aware of the techniques learnt and are, therefore, able to encourage the use of these techniques at home. The teacher welcomed my daughter into her family home and that, teamed with the genuine kindness and care given from the teacher herself, meant that any apprehension that she might have been feeling soon disappeared and she really enjoyed the whole experience. My daughter now has some new tools to help her managed difficult and emotional situations be that at home or out and about. I would highly recommend these mindfulness sessions because a child who is able to take control of their own mind and body and focus on the ‘now’ is a much less stressed and anxious child. Many thanks!
(July 2016)

My daughter has been enjoying going to these gentle yoga classes for a number of years and has progressed to the older children's class seamlessly. She finds the meditation and relaxation aspect particularly beneficial. The teacher has always shown kindness and sensitivity to her young charges. '

(July 2016)

My 8 year old son who struggles with quiet anxiety has benefited hugely from the Mindfulness course, I can not recommend the classes highly enough. Receiving a calm and happy child back after each session was wonderful to see. He adopted the various thoughts and techniques readily and is able to remember and use them whenever he feels overwhelmed or anxious. A big thumbs up in our opinion, we will eagerly return for any refresher classes offered in the future..

(June 2016)

My 7 year old was starting to worry about lots of things. He did a course of Mindfulness classes and he really enjoyed them. He learnt practical techniques to help him deal with stress and worry which were appropriate to his age and easy for him to remember. Now he even gives me tips on dealing with stress!

(June 2016)

Both my children have benefited from the yoga classes. My son really enjoys the relaxation they do at the end of the class and my daughter loves to show me the new poses she has learnt. The class helps them focus and unwind and the teacher puts all the children at ease. My son also did the Mindfulness course and he ended up giving me tips when he saw I was stressed! It helped him recognise what he finds stressful and how to use simple techniques to calm down today's busy, busy world these are skills which will always be useful. Thank you!

(April 2016)

My daughter absolutely loves yoga and has gained a lot of strength and confidence from attending so thank you for welcoming her and helping her.

(February 2016)

My daughter goes to the Ready Steady Yoga classes on Saturday mornings and is doing the Mindfulness course too. Thoroughly recommend the teacher. My daughter is apprehensive and fussy when it comes to activities so loving the fact that the she (the teacher) can capture her interest!
(February 2016)

My daughter attended yoga for almost a year from when she was just 4, she really enjoyed it and it helped immensely with her shyness and confidence. I always felt confident leaving her and knew she was in a safe and secure environment, the yoga teacher is fantastic with the children and always makes them feel very welcome. Highly recommend and hope to be back in the new year!
(November 2015)

My daughter (5) attended these classes for nearly a year and enjoyed them a lot, she's always showing us poses she's learnt at home and enjoys the relaxation during the session. She has decided to stop going for a while but I think she will be back as she's always been eager and happy to go. When she started these classes, she was going through a very difficult and stressful time in her life (involving a bereavement) and I think these classes helped her a lot. I would highly recommend these classes to everyone.
(November 2015)

'I can highly recommend Ready Steady Yoga, our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the class, it is just unfortunate that a timing issue has caused her classes to cease but we are sure it won't be the end of her practising yoga. She came away from her very first class full of enthusiasm and often practises positions as home and gives us demonstrations. She joined during a period of feeling very unsettled and the class helped with her self confidence and wellbeing immensely. We were made to feel so welcome by the teacher and are sorry to not be able to attend anymore.'

(October 2015)

Our daughter loves the yoga classes. As well as the poses she practices, she really enjoys developing her balance and relaxation time is fabulous.
(January 2015)

My daughter came to Ready Steady Yoga for just over a year from age 6-7 years old. She really looked forward to going every week and made some lovely friends there. Unfortunately she wanted to try something new like they do at that age so we had to give up.She still talks about her time at Ready Steady Yoga and can remember all the poses she learnt. The Group Leadre is the kindest person and cares about all the children in and out of class. I would recommend to anyone.
(June 2014)

Sadly, due to scheduling issues, our time at Ready Steady Yoga has come to a pause - but hopefully not an end! My son has been going for over a year, since he was four, and the youngest in the class. Every week, he has come out of his yoga class calm and happy, keen to show the rest of the family the postures he has learned, sometimes making up his very own yoga positions! The Group Leader combines a sense of unflappable calm with a sense of humour and the children make friends and behave beautifully for her. Hopefully we will be back!
(June 2014)

My 3 yr old had her first yoga class the other day and absolutely loved it. She asked the teacher if she could come back the next day.. and then when returning home she continued to practise her 'Yogo' on her mat and was very proud to show us the 'tree pose'. Great to be able to introduce them early!
(March 2014)

'I just wanted to say many thanks for running the yoga sessions. Both the staff and the children had a really enjoyable experience.' Assistant Headteacher at a Bishop's Stortford Primary School.
(November 2013)

My daughter enjoyed her Saturday morning yoga class so much, when it came time to arrange her 5th Birthday party, we thought of Ready Steady Yoga right away. The Group Leader was happy to do the party and was very conscientious to make my daughter feel special, but also to made sure all the party goers did too. Her sessions use the children's imagination while at the same time incorporating basic yoga postures and principles. Everyone did a bit of dancing too and had their soft toys at hand to help them learn yoga. It was a good mix of quiet focusing and bubbly fun. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone - Thank you!'
(July 2013)

My child has really enjoyed her yoga sessions. She feels safe and most importantly confident. (She apparently lacks confidence in physical activities at school, which hinders her progress so I am keen to build up her self-esteem in this area). She has enjoyed showing me the poses she has learnt and seems to enjoy every aspect of the lessons at the moment. Thank you.
(December 2012)

When my child joined the class she was immediately made to feel welcome and included. She is very enthusiastic about her group and confident within it. While learning about breathing and relaxation exercises-which will always benefit her in life-she is loving being part of this relaxed and caring class. She enjoys Group Games & Activities & Sun Dance the most. When asked what does she feel about the session overall, she said she loves it.
(November 2012)

My child enjoys learning new things, lots of fun. Favourite pose is butterfly, making new friends. Enjoys colouring. My child has definitely grown in confidence and she loves being with her new friends. She looks forward to her weekly yoga sessions.
(July 2012)

My son says he enjoys the warm ups!
(December 2011)

My daughter always comes out of her Ready Steady Yoga sessions with a big smile on her face! She enjoys so many things about the sessions, particularly learning new poses, (her favourite is the triangle!), as well as mat work.. She looks forward to her sessions every week and feels happy and safe in the care of her excellent yoga teacher. She has made lots of new friends.
(May 2013)

My daughter loves going to yoga. She enjoys all the activities and looks forward to going every week. She particularly likes the rollercoaster.
(September 2012)

My child settled in well and enjoyed the classes. When I asked her what she enjoyed the most, she said she enjoyed all of it. The best of luck with the classes.
(December 2011)

My daughter looks forward to her yoga sessions, she particularly enjoys the friendship circles and story time. She fits in well with the other children and comes home saying that she has had lots of fun. I can see her confidence growing in social situations as a result of going to the Ready Steady Yoga sessions. The group leader is brilliant with the children and my daughter enjoys being with her.
(October 2012)

My child enjoys so many aspects of yoga sessions. She often shows us her poses at home and enjoys practicing what she has learnt. She has benefited from the friendly atmosphere which has helped to build up her confidence, make new friends and have fun. She has recommended yoga to several of her friends! As a parent I feel my child has enjoyed her lessons and comes home feeling calm and positive.
(July 2012)

My son likes yoga especially the partner work. He finds it friendly and it is a good exercise. It has benefited him as it has made him more confident speaking to adults and children.
(September 2012)

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